Who are we?
We are former Senior Investigating Officers from the National Crime Squad and the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA).  We also served as police officers with the former No. 9 and No. 6 Regional Crime Squads and the South East Regional Crime Squad as investigators and surveillance operatives and instructors.

We specialised in the fields of covert law enforcement as Undercover Officers (UCOs), deploying on numerous commended operations throughout the UK, Europe, Africa and North America, and the management of Test Purchase operations, human intelligence sources (HUMINT) and witness protection.

An attachment to the then newly formed Anti-Corruption Squad (CIB3) at New Scotland Yard followed where we were primarily tasked with planning and leading intelligence led covert investigations/operations into serious and organised corrupt police officers and other government employees. We trained operatives and then managed them through Integrity Tests of police officers and other government personnel throughout the UK.

We were also selected to represent Great Britain as operational SOCA Liaison Officers in North America, having responsibility for serious and organised crime matters that impacted upon the UK from the US, Canada, and the Caribbean Overseas Territories. The Post was the intelligence and evidential hub for the Caribbean and both Central and South America dealing primarily with major drug trafficking and money laundering investigations.

We also worked within SOCA's International Inspection & Compliance Branch where we were responsible for the overseas inspections of SOCA posts. The inspections resulted in comprehensive due diligence and operational capacity reports and recommendations for improvements in operational effectiveness in all posts.

CGC’s team deliver a single dynamic and immediate response to your critical strategic and tactical requirements. Our overt and covert investigative knowledge and skill endorse our maxim;

Experience – Integrity – Service